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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for the interest, which you have shown in coming to us as a volunteer helper. May your proposed stay with us be as pleasant and fruitful as possible for both you and us. We would like to take this opportunity, through this letter, to inform you what you may expect from us and what we would expect from you.


Kindly examine yourself as to the true reasons for your proposed trip. If you want to utilise your talents to help the needy, you will enjoy your stay.

It is our experience, that people, who came here either looking for an adventure, or running away from personal problems, or wanting to change the world and people’s attitudes were deeply disappointed.

But if you have an open mind and are prepared to look and listen without prejudice and to contribute through your service to our work, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of making the lives of the needy more worthwhile.


A volunteer is not considered a worker who is offered employment by us. We offer you free board and lodging and the use of our laundry and recreational facilities. You will not receive a salary from us.

Should your application be accepted, you would be required to apply for a visa at a South African consulate or embassy in your country. Please take into consideration, that the processing of such a visa application may take several weeks.


We help …

The Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard is not a catholic organisation in name alone, but a community of the church, which executes its charitable service as a work of faith. Our work is essentially a fulfilment of the missionary task of the church, to proclaim the gospel in word and deed. The centre of our daily schedule is the celebration of Holy Mass as expression and execution of the redemptory service of the church. If somebody would be critical of or distant from the church and its missionary work, he or she would not feel comfortable in our community. If you can identify with our principles, you will find ample opportunities to have many wonderful experiences.


It will be very useful, if you have any training in the wider medical, nursing or social fields.


If one wants to help somebody, he or she must be able to communicate with the person concerned. Most of the people in our area speak only Zulu, but there are many who speak English too. Therefore you will only be able to make yourself understood if you speak English well.


We will collect you from Durban airport and arrange transport where ever necessary as part of your service in our projects and at the end of your stay with us we would return you to Durban airport. However, we cannot provide you with a private vehicle and our insurance does not permit our organisation’s vehicles to be used for private purposes either. If you want to drive a vehicle in South Africa, you should bring along an international driver’s licence (you cannot get one, once you are in the country).


We recommend that you think about the cost-effectiveness of your stay, i.e. the relation between the cost of your air ticket, insurance etc. and the time which you have available to stay. It will take some time to become orientated and to get accustomed to and comfortable with your task. A very short stay may not warrant all the effort and expense.


Apart from the relaxing atmosphere of our volunteer’s accommodation we will give you advice on where to go and how to get there, to enjoy the many wonderful and various tourist attractions nearby. Please do not expect us to act as a private safari-tour-operator or travel agency.


The village of Mandeni itself is very small. It is situated on the banks of the Tugela River, 100 km north of Durban, approximately 14km inland from the Indian Ocean. In the village itself the inhabitants number about 4000, but in the greater area which we serve there are more or less 100 000 people.

There is everything you need for day to day living locally e.g. Post Office, hairdresser, pharmacy, doctors, grocery supermarket, bank, travel agency, shoe shops & clothing shops as well.



You will be asked on arrival to sign an indemnity form stating that you will not make us liable in any way whatsoever should you have an accident or contract a disease in connection with your stay as a volunteer helper. Please arrange all necessary insurance yourself.

If you are interested in coming to Mandeni, South Africa, as a volunteer at Blessed Gerard's Care Centre,
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please fill in this application form!

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